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A brilliant solution to create amazing space with easy and secure access to the great and beautiful outdoors. Bringing together home and garden and opening your home to a whole new world. The french doors we provide are stylish, sleek and secure, in addition to being made of amazing high-durability pcvu. The reliability of the pvcu materials makes them built to last and well suited if you’re looking to make your home more energy efficient.

Bring the benefits of your garden into your home by creating a seamless passageway to the natural world outdoors. Rest assured, this wonderful new feature to your home is just as functional as any other type of door, the larger opening is just as secure as any other. If you have old timber or metal French doors, you may want to consider updating your home by replacing these with double glazed UPVC french doors, in doing so, you gain the benefit of our doors’ modern features. In addition, the durable UPVC ensures maximum longevity.

They are easier to operate than you might think, with handles on both doors, you can choose to open just the master door by itself, with the second door still secured safely. Then if you so choose, you can open the second door with just as much ease. Enjoy the harmony of bringing your garden into your home.

Technical Information:
5 Chamber Sash, 5 Chamber Outer Frame
Optional Outer Frame Centre Seal, optional Sash Central Seal, optional RCM thernal inserts
Glazing options: 24mm, 28mm, 36mm, 40mm, 44mm


  • A simple yet stunning feature for any home
  • Can be configured to open inwards or outwards
  • Flood your home with natural light

Available with:

Design Your Own French Doors
Our Window & Door Designer is intended to give a close representation of our product range, but some minor differences may exist. Contact our team for latest product info and if you have any questions about product details.

How it works

  1. Design your doors with our easy online toolChoose parts from a wide range of styles to design your doors.
  2. We prepare your perfect doorsOur team works its magic to make the doors of your dreams into a reality.
  3. Our friendly team contacts you with a FREE no-obligation quote.Our expert team can then deliver and fit your doors, completing the transformation!


Window Magician ensures stringent quality control on all of our Windows and Doors. Having accumulated so much specialist experience within the industry, we have searched far and wide for the perfect product.

We are only happy when we can provide homeowners with doors and windows that are of the highest quality, so that is what we supply.

For more information, please read our guarantees page.


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Energy Efficient Features

High performance double glazing is fitted as standard in all our doors, with various glass options. In addition, our doors are up to 19% more efficient than timber doors!

Easy to Customise

Customise your doors to your heart's content with our door designer tool.

High Security

Featuring a multi-point locking system, our French Doors help keep your home safe and sound. They are also available to meet Secured by Design specification.

Enjoy Natural Light

Our doors are carefully crafted ensuring the perfect fit for your home.

Opening Features

Our French Doors open inwards and outwards making them an extremely versatile option fit for every space.

Simple & Practical

Overall, our French Doors are a fantastic practical and versatile option, open one or both leaves depending on the weather or breeze!

Timber Alternative

Our French Doors are available in a wood grain effect finish. The authentic detailing makes our doors indistinguishable from timber doors.

10 Year Guarantee

All our doors and windows are covered by our 10 Year Insurance-backed Guarantee.

Low Maintenance

Coated for water resistance, your door only needs a quick and easy wipe to stay looking new.

Robust Frames

Our multi-chamber frames don't rot or warp and are built to stand the test of time.

Professionally Fitted

All products are fitted by our in-house team of expert Window Magicians for precision installation

Options & Upgrades

Our French Doors are available with a variety of additional options and upgrades, to suit your needs.


Our premium door handles are available in an elegant range of styles and colour finishes.

Optional Frame & Sash Seals

Our French Doors are available with frame centre seals and sash seals to improve energy efficiency.

RCM Thermal Inserts

For the planet conscious, our French Doors are available with RCM Thermal Inserts which are recycled and improve thermal efficiency further.

Secured by Design

Upgrade your doors for maximum security and to conform to the Secured by Design specification.

28 Stunning Colours

Our products are available in a range of 28 colours to suit every home.


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