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How much can you save with our smarter glass?

Insulated glass windows help prevent heat from escaping, our insulating glass is up to three times more efficient than standard glass and over twice as effective as double glazing at insulating your home. As well as saving you money on your energy bills, this keeps your home warm in the winter, and cooler in the summer for maximum comfort. In addition, it virtually eliminates draughts and condensation which keeps your home efficient and your windows happy. 

Energy efficient glazing not only saves you money, it could help save the planet! Insulated glass helps reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills, whether with double, triple or secondary glazing. This makes energy efficient glazing a great investment for your home today and one you'll appreciate for years to come.

Did you know - up to 25% of the heat within most homes escapes through the windows? Luckily, this is significantly decreased with energy efficient windows such as Window Magician's range.

What a lot of people don't know, is unlike the majority of window companies, Window Magician can work our magic on your existing windows to transform them into a more energy efficient option. We do this by replacing just the pane. We can replace windows of any style, shape or size, including coloured glass and unusual or unique window shapes. We simply require the right measurements so that we can ensure your new windows are a perfect fit.

Why not request a free, no-obligation quote? Our installation team will then visit your property to provide all the information you need and answer any questions.

It's a smarter choice for you, and a much smarter choice for generations to come.

How it works

  1. Design your windows with our easy online toolChoose parts from a wide range of styles to design your windows.
  2. We prepare your perfect windowsOur team works its magic to make the windows of your dreams into a reality.
  3. Our friendly team contacts you with a FREE no-obligation quote.Our expert team can then deliver and fit your windows, completing the transformation!

Our Window & Door Designer is intended to give a close representation of our product range, but some minor differences may exist. Contact our team for latest product info and if you have any questions about product details.


Insurance-backed guarantee on all products.
Window Magician ensures stringent quality control on all of our Windows and Doors. Having accumulated so much specialist experience within the industry, we have searched far and wide for the perfect product.

We are only happy when we can provide homeowners with doors and windows that are of the highest quality, so that is what we supply.

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